This documentation is for Dovecot v1.x, see wiki2 for v2.x documentation.
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 * [ My IMAP Client Coding Howto]  * [ IMAP Client Coding Howto]

Client Issues

It seems to be quite difficult to implement a working IMAP client. Here are some instructions for client implementors:



  • You should enable outlook-idle workaround with IMAP.

  • You should enable outlook-no-nuls workaround with POP3.

  • Outlook 2003 has problems with older Dovecot's default POP3 UIDL format, which causes it to download the same mails over and over again if "leave mails to server" option is enabled. See pop3_uidl_format setting.

Outlook Express 6

  • Using "Headers only" synchronization is buggy and can cause "Message is no longer available on this server" error when opening a mail. This isn't Dovecot specific problem, and I'm not aware of any possible workarounds at the moment for this in server side.
  • You should enable outlook-idle and oe6-fetch-no-newmail workarounds for IMAP.

  • You should enable outlook-no-nuls and oe-ns-eoh workarounds for POP3.

Netscape 4.x

  • You should enable netscape-eoh workaround with IMAP, if you still care about supporting this..

Netscape Mail

I'm not actually sure what version exactly this refers to.

  • You should enable oe-ns-eoh workaround for POP3.


  • Doesn't support creating subfolders with mbox format.


Seems to be OK.



Seems to be OK.


Seems to be OK.


  • Configuration asks IMAP server name for some workarounds, I'm not aware of Dovecot requiring any so just select the "other" option. By default it uses INBOX-prefix, remove it.
  • [ Squirrelmail 1.4.5 has broken APPEND command]. Upgrade to 1.4.6.

Horde IMP

Dovecot doesn't want any folder prefix, but leaving it empty in login screen will just use the default. So, change the default from /etc/imp3/servers.conf. Search for <code>'folders' => 'mail/'</code> and remove the <code>mail/</code> part. For IMP2 edit defaults.php3, search for <code>$default->folders = 'mail/';</code> and remove the <code>mail/</code> part.

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