This documentation is for Dovecot v1.x, see wiki2 for v2.x documentation.
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Apple Mail 3.6 (that comes with OS X 10.5 Leopard) supports subscribing/unsubscribing to folders in the public namespace.
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Client issues and configuration

It seems to be quite difficult to implement a working IMAP client. Best Practices for Implementing an IMAP Client tries to help you with it.


On Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 appears to support subscribe/unsubscribe by right clicking on a mailbox, selecting 'Get Account Info' and selecting 'Subscription List' from tabs. This however doesn't really work with any IMAP server.

Apple Mail 3.6 (that comes with OS X 10.5 Leopard) supports subscribing/unsubscribing to folders in the public namespace.


  • You should enable outlook-idle workaround with IMAP.

  • You should enable outlook-no-nuls workaround with POP3.

  • Outlook 2003 has problems with older Dovecot's default POP3 UIDL format, which causes it to download the same mails over and over again if "leave mails to server" option is enabled. See pop3_uidl_format setting.

  • Outlook might not hide or purge deleted items by default. Microsoft has a how-to that shows how to fix this.

Outlook Express 6

  • Using "Headers only" synchronization is buggy and can cause "Message is no longer available on this server" error when opening a mail. This isn't Dovecot specific problem, and I'm not aware of any possible workarounds at the moment for this in server side.
  • You should enable outlook-idle and delay-newmail workarounds for IMAP.

  • You should enable outlook-no-nuls and oe-ns-eoh workarounds for POP3.

Netscape 4.x

  • You should enable netscape-eoh workaround with IMAP, if you still care about supporting this..

Netscape Mail

I'm not actually sure what version exactly this refers to.

  • You should enable oe-ns-eoh workaround for POP3.


  • Some versions don't support creating subfolders with mbox format. Evolution in Ubuntu Gutsy, 2.12.0-0ubuntu5, does support creating subfolders, at least when the parent folder is empty.


Seems to be OK.


  • If you're using mbox or dbox,

    • You should enable tb-extra-mailbox-sep workaround for IMAP. Bug report.

    • You'll have to disable "Server supports folders that contain sub-folders and messages" setting from Thunderbird. Enhancement request.


  • New mutt versions supporting IDLE command will hang with Dovecot versions earlier than v1.0beta3. Upgrade Dovecot or disable IDLE by setting imap_idle=no in .muttrc.
  • Using mutt with IMAP


Seems to be OK.


  • Configuration asks IMAP server name for some workarounds. There has been a Dovecot option since 1.4.6 and 1.5.1. For older SquirrelMail versions, select the "other" option and remove the default INBOX-prefix.

Horde IMP

Dovecot namespace detection works automatically with any recent version of IMP (4.1+).

RoundCube Webmail

Works fine.

@Mail Webmail

Uses the namespace returned via Dovecot, full support via IMAP/POP3 using @Mail. Can also read mailbox quota via the getquotaroot IMAP command.

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