This documentation is for Dovecot v1.x, see wiki2 for v2.x documentation.

Mail Plugins

Typically plugins add hooks in their init() function by calling mail_storage_hooks_add(), and remove the hooks at deinit() with mail_storage_hooks_remove(). Hooks that are currently supported:

Overriding methods

When the hook gets called, you usually want to override some method of the created object. This is the easy part, for example:

static void plugin_mailbox_allocated(struct mailbox *box)
        box->v.transaction_begin = plugin_transaction_begin;

The problem is that once plugin_transaction_begin() is called, it should call the original transaction_begin(). There may also be multiple plugins that want to override the same method, so the idea is to just have each plugin call the previous transaction_begin(). The next problem is where do you save the previous value? Most objects have a module_contexts array for storing per-plugin pointers for this purpose. There are several helper functions to make setting and accessing them in a quite safe way.

Easiest way to set up the module context is to just copy&paste code from an existing plugin that sets the same context. Here's some documentation about it anyway:

First you start by creating register for the plugin. There are different registers for different types of objects:

We'll assume you want to use mail_storage_module_register:

static MODULE_CONTEXT_DEFINE_INIT(plugin_storage_module, &mail_storage_module_register);

If you need to make it external, use:

extern MODULE_CONTEXT_DEFINE(plugin_storage_module, &mail_storage_module_register);
struct plugin_storage_module plugin_storage_module =

Next you'll need to allocate memory for the structure you want to place in the context. If you only want to override some methods, you can use:

union mailbox_module_context *mbox;

mbox = p_new(box->pool, union mailbox_module_context, 1);
mbox->super = box->v;
box->v.transaction_begin = plugin_transaction_begin;
MODULE_CONTEXT_SET_SELF(box, plugin_storage_module, mbox);

If you want to store some more plugin-specific data to the object instead of just the super methods, you can do:

struct plugin_mailbox {
        /* must be called module_ctx */
        union mailbox_module_context module_ctx;
/* .. */

struct plugin_mailbox *mbox;

mbox = p_new(box->pool, struct plugin_mailbox, 1);
mbox->module_ctx.super = box->v;
box->v.transaction_begin = plugin_transaction_begin;
MODULE_CONTEXT_SET(box, plugin_storage_module, mbox);

Note that when using union directly you use MODULE_CONTEXT_SET_SELF(), while when it's inside a struct you use MODULE_CONTEXT_SET().

Once all this initialization is done, you can look up the module context with:

#define PLUGIN_CONTEXT(obj) MODULE_CONTEXT(obj, plugin_storage_module)
/* .. */
struct plugin_mailbox *mbox = PLUGIN_CONTEXT(box);

(Yes, this API seems a bit too difficult to use and could use a redesign.)

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