This documentation is for Dovecot v1.x, see wiki2 for v2.x documentation.


Insight Connector is a Microsoft Outlook™ "MAPI Storage Provider" plug-in that allows calendar sharing with other IMAP mail servers. With Insight Connector, an IMAP mail server can be used to provide groupware functions of Outlook(2000-2007).

For more information and pricing, have a look at Bynari's site

The following procedure assumes you have connector setup and running with the dovecot server for emails.


The connector uses normal IMAP folders to store appointment data as emails with an attachment. In order to share such a calendar, we have to set up a shared dovecot folder which will be recognized by all connectors as a calendar folder

I have not found a way to mark an existing folder as a calender in connector so the following procedure has to be followed:

rm ~jane/Maildir/.shared_cal && ln -s ~joe/Maildir/.shared_cal ~jane/Maildir/.shared_cal
rm ~jack/Maildir/.shared_cal && ln -s ~joe/Maildir/.shared_cal ~jack/Maildir/.shared_cal


Fire up the 3 outlooks and the shared_cal folder should indeed be a shared calender folder for the 3 users

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