This documentation is for Dovecot v1.x, see wiki2 for v2.x documentation.


This is a virtual domain manager in use with Qmail. See

Dovecot supports authentication via checkpassword interface. VMailMGR summarily implements such interface, but requires minor adjustments. You use a dovecot to VMailMgr wrapper for doing such adjustments and interfacing VMailMgr properly with dovecot.

Installation and configuration

The wrapper runs the VMailMgr authenticator, collects its result (most notably, the mailbox's path) and passes them back to dovecot.

The setup is as follows:


The wrapper relies on VMailMgr's authenticator checkvpw. By default, this is expected at /usr/local/bin/checkvpw. If authentication fails, make sure that is available at that location first. The location of checkvpw can be configured by changing the CHECKVPW_BINARY_PATH constant in the top of the wrapper's code, then recompiling it.

Refer to Debugging/Authentication for more details on debugging auth.