This documentation is for Dovecot v1.x, see wiki2 for v2.x documentation.

ManageSieve Installation for Dovecot v1.0


The tarball releases are signed with public key 0x3DFBB4F4, which can be found at


There is an important architectural difference between v1.0 and the later implementations. The v1.0 version is a very large patch that includes another copy of the CMU Sieve library as used by deliver's Sieve plugin. In contrast, the v1.1 and later versions are largely implemented as an external package with a small patch to enable ManageSieve service support in Dovecot itself. This means that these newer implementations no longer include another copy of the CMU Sieve library: these use the Sieve plugin package for compilation against the Sieve library.

You need to apply the downloaded .diff.gz patch to your dovecot-1.0 source tree. This is achieved by executing the following command line inside the source tree ('../patchfile.diff.gz' must be substituted with the location of the patch file you downloaded):

gzip -dc ../pathfile.diff.gz | patch -p1

Compiling the patched sources is described in the next section.


After applying the patch to the v1.0 Dovecot tree, the usual ./configure, make, make install sequence is not enough. First the automake/autoconf structure needs to be rebuilt to include the ManageSieve sources in the compilation process. This requires autotools to be installed on your system. See here for list of packages you need for that, and how to install Dovecot from Mercurial. If you didn't download Dovecot from Mercurial, you don't have the script and you need to run instead:

autoreconf -i

Afterwards, you can continue the usual build process.

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