This documentation is for Dovecot v1.x, see wiki2 for v2.x documentation.
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Note that this is also [ fixed in Dovecot 1.0rc9 and later]. Note that this is also [[|fixed in Dovecot 1.0rc9 and later]].

MySQL Problems

If you use MySQL version older than 4.1.18, or in 5.x series older than 5.0.19, there's a problem with conflicting symbols. Either the linking fails completely, or Dovecot can't log in:

dovecot: Oct 14 01:02:22 Error: auth-worker(default): mysql: Connect failed to localhost (db): Access denied for user 'user'@'localhost' (using password: YES) - waiting for 1 seconds before retry

They both have the same root reason: Conflicing sha1_result symbol. Either upgrade to newer MySQL library, or modify Dovecot sources:

cd dovecot
perl -i -pe 's/sha1_result/dovecot_sha1_result/' `find . -name '*.[ch]'`

Another solution to "access denied" is to use OLD_PASSWORD() function to set the password in MySQL. This works because it doesn't use the SHA1 functions.

Note that this is also fixed in Dovecot 1.0rc9 and later.

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