This documentation is for Dovecot v1.x, see wiki2 for v2.x documentation.
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 * [wiki:AuthDatabase/Passwd Passwd]: `/etc/passwd` or similiar (using `getpwnam()` function)  * [wiki:AuthDatabase/Passwd Passwd]: `/etc/passwd`, NSS or similiar (using `getpwnam()` function)

Password Databases

Dovecot authenticates users from a password database. It needs to contain only usernames and their passwords.

Dovecot supports defining multiple password databases, so that if the password doesn't match in the first database, it checks the next one. This can be useful if you want to easily support having both virtual users and also local system users in /etc/passwd.

Currently supported password databases (note that some of them can also be used as user databases):

  • [wiki:PasswordDatabase/PAM PAM]: Pluggable Authentication Modules
  • [wiki:AuthDatabase/Passwd Passwd]: /etc/passwd, NSS or similiar (using getpwnam() function)

  • [wiki:PasswordDatabase/Shadow Shadow]: /etc/shadow or similiar (using getspnam() function)

  • [wiki:AuthDatabase/PasswdFile Passwd-file]: /etc/passwd-like file in specified location

  • [wiki:AuthDatabase/LDAP LDAP]: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
  • [wiki:AuthDatabase/SQL SQL]: SQL database (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite)
  • [wiki:PasswordDatabase/BSDAuth BSDAuth]: BSD authentication
  • [wiki:AuthDatabase/VPopMail VPopMail]: External software used to handle virtual domains
  • [wiki:PasswordDatabase/CheckPassword checkpassword]: External checkpassword program which is run

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