This documentation is for Dovecot v1.x, see wiki2 for v2.x documentation.
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 * [[|antispam]]: Integrates spam learning into Dovecot
 * [[|drac]]: Pop-before-SMTP plugin using DRAC
 * [[|whoson]]: Pop-before-SMTP plugin using [[|WHOSON protocol]]
 * [[|alert]]: Send IMAP ALERT message from {{{/etc/dovecot.alert}}}.
 * [[LDA/Sieve|sieve & cmusieve]]: Use the [[|SIEVE]] language for filtering
 * [[|Fetchmail wakeup]]: Wakes fetchmail when Dovecot looks for new mail. This is a heavily extended and updated version that works with Dovecot 1.1.x and 1.2.x
 * [[|Fetchmail wake]]: Wakes fetchmail when Dovecot looks for new mail. This is the original version that only works with dovecot 1.0.x


Distributed with Dovecot:

  • acl: Access Control Lists for mailboxes

  • autocreate: Automatically create/subscribe mailboxes when user logs in

  • convert: Convert user's mailboxes from one format to another on login

  • expire: Delete mails from specified mailboxes after a designated number of days

  • fts: Full text search indexing

  • lazy_expunge: Make EXPUNGE and DELETE commands just rename the mails elsewhere

  • listescape: Allow using characters in mailbox names that would otherwise be illegal

  • mail_log: Log several mail actions

  • mbox_snarf: UW-IMAP style mbox snarfing from /var/mail/%u to ~/mbox

  • quota: Quota tracking and enforcing

    • imap_quota: IMAP commands for requesting current quota
  • trash: Delete mails from Trash when user would go over quota

  • virtual: Virtual mailboxes

  • zlib: Access compressed mails


Experimental Plugins:

  • xexec: Execute any server side application and communicate with it through plugins over IMAP

  • deleted-to-trash: Automatically move deleted item to trash folder, if client side doesn't do it, such as outlook and evolution.

To enable / disable plugins per user you can make your userdb return mail_plugins extra field. See UserDatabase/ExtraFields for examples.

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