This documentation is for Dovecot v1.x, see wiki2 for v2.x documentation.

Pre-Authentificated Sessions

For debugging purpose or to perform IMAP actions on-behalf of an user, one can use pre-authentificated sessions.

Simply, one calls dovecot --exec-mail imap and can speak IMAP via STDIN.

However, the call does not always populate all environment variables and one need to setup the uid and gid before the call, hence, the name "PREAUTH". Secondary, the call does not drop privilegues in-the-middle, therefore some access permissions, such as to log to a file, may fail. In this case, one can use an alternate configuration file.

So a more advanced call might look like this:

sudo -H -u user /usr/local/dovecot/sbin/dovecot \
 -c /usr/local/dovecot/etc/dovecot-cmdline.conf --exec-mail imap
* PREAUTH [CAPABILITY IMAP4rev1 ...] Logged in as user

Note the PREAUTH in the reply. Now one can speak IMAP.

The part sudo -H -u user sets up the uid/gid for system users, one might need sudo -u vmail USER=user HOME=path for virtual users.

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