This documentation is for Dovecot v1.x, see wiki2 for v2.x documentation.


You can use special variables in several places:

The variables that work everywhere are:

These variables work almost everywhere else except in Dovecot-auth (userdb queries/templates):

These variables work only in Dovecot-auth:

These variables work only in login_log_format_elements setting:

Long variable names can be used with v1.2.alpha5+ like %{long_name}  or with L modifier: %L{long_name} .


You can apply a modifiers for each variable (e.g. %Ls = pop3):

You can take a substring of the variable by giving optional offset followed by '.' and width after the '%' character. For example %2u gives first two characters of the username. %2.1u gives third character of the username.

If the offset is negative, it counts from the end, for example %-2.2i gives the UID mod 100 (last two characters of the UID printed in a string). If a positive offset points outside the value, empty string is returned, if a negative offset does then the string is taken from the start.

If the width is prefixed with zero, the string isn't truncated, but only padded with '0' character if the string is shorter. For example %04i may return "0001", "1000" and "12345". %1.04i for the same string would return "001", "000" and "2345".

The modifiers are applied from left-to-right order, except the substring is always taken from the final string.

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